Lyrics of The Way

I think I′m losing my mind
Fear became the Fentanyl
Hungry like the animalI've been sleeping in

I see you′re losing your light
Cut you into decimals
Drowning out the decibels
Screaming in your head

Do you wanna find the anecdote?
Driving with the Holy Ghost
Holy death, the holy smoke
And does it start again?

I've been drinking from a periscope
Trying to watch my obstacles
See how fully I've been broke
Let me start again

Ooh, ooh
Let me start again
Ooh, ooh

I think I′m losing the line
The altar is inaudible
Dense and pathological
Capillary thread

When you run out of time
The soul becomes synodical (just say)
The weight is now phenomenal
Deafening again

Are you feeling like an anecdote?
Hovering to the hospital
Huffing fire and holy smoke
Does it start again?

I′ve been lost beyond the telescope
Goddamn diabolical
God, forgive the prodigal
And let me start again

Ooh, ooh
Let me start again
Ooh, ooh

Now I fought
My way, my way
Now I have lost
My way, the way, now I

I think I've finally found the anecdote (have lost)
I′ve been lying to Holy Ghost (my way)
Holy beds that fully broke (the way)
Let me start again (now I)
I've been sinking in the horoscope (have lost)
And love is never optional (my way)
Holy death and holy smoke (the way)

Let me start again

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The Way

Artist:Manchester Orchestra
Writer: John Andrew Hull

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