Lyrics of Black Boys

I've got, baby
I've got, baby
I've got

Black boys are delicious (baby, I've got)
Chocolate flavored love (baby, I've got)
Licorice lips like candy (baby, I've got)
Keep my cocoa handy (baby)
I have such a sweet tooth when it comes to love

Black boys are delicious (baby, I've got)
Mocha mousse, hot fudge (baby, I've got)
Maple syrup laddies (baby, I've got)
And brown sugar daddies (baby)
They are my dessert tray when it comes to love

Once I tried a diet of quiet rest, no sweets
But I went nearly crazy, and I went clearly crazy
Because I really crave for
My chocolate flavored treats (Oh)

Black boys are nutritious (baby, I've got)
Black boys fill me up (baby, I've got)
Black boys are so damn yummy (baby, I've got)
They satisfy my tummy (baby)
Black boys are delicious raisins in the sun

Black black, black black
Black black, black black
Black boys

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Team Artist:Jackie Burns, Brandon Pearson, Tommar Wilson, Darius Nichols, Megan Reinking, Kaitlin Kiyan
Copyrighter: Sony/atv Music Publishing Llc

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Black Boys

Artist:Kaitlin Kiyan
Writer: Galt Mac Dermot, Gerome Ragni, James Rado

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